Mississippi Gulf Coast Paranormal

Welcome to MGCParanormal

Welcome to MGCParanormal

Welcome to MGCParanormalWelcome to MGCParanormal

About Us


Who we are

MGCParanormal is a group devoted to all things paranormal: Ghosts, Urban legends, Cryptozoology (Bigfoot), and UFO sightings. We have several years investigating together which makes us a more focused group. We have non-believers, full believers and those simply looking for answers. These differences have created an unbelievable balance within this team. While not completely abandoning the old methods, we strive to find and apply the newest technology to advance our science-based investigative methods. As we work to promote paranormal investigation as a serious field, each technological upgrade strengthens our scientifically supported search for irrefutable evidence. As probably the best equipped paranormal team on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, we have had the honor of investigating several historical sites along the Gulf Coast and out of state, tracked down historical Urban Legends, have been on multiple - and productive - Bigfoot Investigations, as well as called to investigate possible UFO activity. MGCParanormal is focused on finding the truth about paranormal occurrences and hope to help educate the public that, haunted, doesn't mean its evil.   


What we do

We investigate all things paranormal. Whether it be a home, business, vacant land, or a historical location, we attempt to find out the cause of the unusual activity occurring.  We offer investigations, resolutions, meet & greets, and lectures or classes. 


The equipment we use

We have access to some of the most up to date equipment used in the paranormal field. We use anything from the typical flashlight, emf detectors, to Mel meters, Flir cameras, wireless DVR system, stationary and mobile SLS (kinect) cameras, highly sensitive audio recorders and other equipment commonly seen on TV.

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